Changing your experience. Of psychological distress.
Of negative emotions. Of conflict in social or family life.

Changing that one painful experience. Without any attempt at changing you. Without psycho-diagnosing, nor judging you. Solution oriented brief therapy is an invitation :

To remain who you are, today.
To change how you feel, tomorrow.

Peter Cogen

Wellness, here and now ?

Yes. Brief therapy is about mental health and well-being. About lasting change in difficult family situations or challenging job environments. And about the rapid relief of acute pain associated with depression or anxiety. It's not about who you are, have been or should be. It's about what you are experiencing. Now.

No. Brief therapy will not analyze the past in search for the distant origins of present suffering. It neither looks for explanations nor justifications. It focuses on solutions, based on careful systemic process observation and on relief-oriented action. Here.

Maybe... Brief systemic therapy could offer you both rapid and lasting wellness. Its approach is innovative. Yet its first response to acute psychological distress remains conventional. Safety and confidence are what we all need before we can even begin to consider change. Let's start by examining some of the situations in which people look for help...


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